Hi there! After a lot of research, I've decided to design my own day planner, and I'm hoping it can be something that's useful to people in a similar place as I am. 

This planner will be ideal for people who want to achieve success in their work without forgetting about their life and taking care of themselves; people who struggle with mental health and need motivation to keep going; and people who simply need a better grip on their time management.

I'm thinking, first and foremost, of female bloggers and creative entrepreneurs, but I'd like it to be helpful to anyone who finds it difficult to get things done the 'regular' way, or who's on a different schedule (hi, I get out of bed at 2 pm because of my depression) or who has yet to discover how they best work. I want it to give you useful guidelines without squashing your creativity; I want it to be tailored but flexible.

And that's where you, the person hopefully filling out this survey, come in.
First of all: A5 size (5.83 × 8.27). Good?

Spiral-bound, same question.

What would you use the planner for?

If you're a blogger or creative, what type of work do you do? How would your ideal planner cater to this type of work?

What is your favorite planner on the market right now, or which one have you been using?

What do you love about that planner? What would you change about it?

Is there something specific you've been missing from the planners on the market? Be as specific or detailed as you like!

The planner I'm designing is a day planner. Please check all features you'd be interested in.

Preferred type of binding and cover style?

I'm looking at a very thick hardcover I'm not sold on, and less-thick heavy cardstock with protective clear covers.
For yearly and weekly views, would you prefer the week start on Sunday or Monday?

If opinion is tightly split I may offer both options to cater to worldwide customers. The original design (the sample planner for myself) will start Monday.

Would you like the option of having your name added to your planner cover?

This would most likely cost extra ($10ish) as I'd have to produce the planner on its own rather than in bulk.
How much would you be willing to pay for the perfect planner? (in USD)

I'm currently estimating a maximum of 55€/$62 including worldwide postage. I will be shipping from Europe.
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